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Frequent question: Can I Learn drawing from YouTube in 2023?

Many people want to learn how to draw in 2023 and they wonder how they can get started. Is YouTube a good option for them to learn how to draw or are there other ways other options for them? All of this will be explained to you here, in this article.


Can I teach myself to draw?

Yes… and no. It depends. Everyone has their own way of learning. Some learn best by themselves while others need more guidance and motivation. So which type of person are you?

If you like to learn on your own and at your pace then yes you can teach yourself to draw. To do that you have two options:

1)- One is YouTube which is a great place to get you started in learning to draw. You don’t have to search for a basic full beginner tutorial on how to draw but instead, search to learn to draw something specific that you like. It could be an eye, anime characters, a dog, etc.

2)- The second option is to follow an online drawing course that will help you learn how to draw at your own pace. We recommend you this Beginner to advanced drawing course that will help you learn how to draw quickly. It is the perfect course for beginners.


Is drawing hard to learn?

You may ask yourself this: “How am I so bad at drawing is it just me or is drawing really hard to learn?” To answer this question for you, every artist started from somewhere they weren’t magically born artists (even though there are some exceptions but these are extremely rare), most people practiced. They had a desire, as you have now, which is wanting to draw. And they practiced each day very hard to become the artist they are today. You should know however that there are a few things that make drawing hard to learn which are… -More

How can I improve my drawing skills on YouTube?

By simply finding the right videos for you. You see, on YouTube, there are thousands of drawing videos. For better results don’t watch random videos but instead make a list of things you would like to draw and master, then search for these things on Youtube. Eventually, by continuously drawing videos you will learn some drawing terms that you might like to know and learn even more. Simply search for those terms and continue like this by doing this cycle until you reach your drawing goals. If one of the things you would like to learn to draw is an eye for instance, then here is an eye tutorial that would help you out a lot.


Which drawing is best for beginners? Do you need some drawing ideas?

Everyone who draws or would like to draw, at some point ask this question: What to draw when I don’t know what to draw? For you to figure out what to draw, you need to READ THIS + you need some DRAWING IDEAS.

Here are some drawing themes for beginners that you might like:


Is YouTube enough to teach me how to draw professionally?

Again yes and no. To learn how to draw professionally from YouTude you need a lot of dedication, practice, patience, and a plan. So are you willing to put on the necessary work?

My advice to you would be to first:

  • Make a list of things you would like to draw and learn to draw: This is the best way to start learning to draw in my opinion. Make a list! If you are someone who would like to draw but most of the time don’t know what to draw, then I recommend fixing this issue with this trick and… – More
  • Motivation and practice: Every day, take at least 10 minutes minimum to draw something. With time, drawing will become natural and by practicing drawing what you like, you’ll improve your drawing skills. It just takes time because you can’t learn to draw overnight. Practice and dedication, keep that in mind!
  • A Plan: What is your goal? Is it to become a professional drawing artist? Is it to become someone who can draw portraits easily with ease without breaking a sweat? Is it because you would like to draw whatever you want? Think about your goals and make a list so that you’ll know where you are headed.


In conclusion

Learning how to draw can be hard for some people but it is true that you can learn to draw from YouTube in 2023. You just need a lot of dedication, practice, patience, and a plan as mentioned above. The hardest thing about learning to draw is to start, but after a few days or weeks, if you stay consistent, you’ll see improvement. If you would like to see results faster you might consider following a drawing course for beginners.

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